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$5 - Fraction Price

$3,000 - Total Appraised Value


FLEER | Sticker Collection ‘86-’87

Grade: PSA 8


Rookie Card

$10 - Fraction Price

$20,000 - Total Appraised Value


PANINI | Select Collection ‘20-’21

Grade: PSA 10

Limited: 6 of 10

Rookie Card

$5 - Fraction Price

$6,000 - Total Appraised Value


PANINI | Immaculate Collection ‘18-’19

Grade: BGS 9

Limited: 72 of 99

Rookie Card | Jersey Patch | Autograph

Build Your Dream Collection.

We created a way to make the most sought-after trading cards affordable to everyone. Every card on TENAMINT is curated, authenticated, and vaulted. Since each card is divided into affordable, fractional pieces, you can easily collect your favorite cards.


The Game.

Get front-row access to the best in collectable cards.

» Real, physical cards fractionalized

» Authenticated, vaulted, & insured

» Community-based ownership

» Earn rewards on every card you own

» Web 3.0 Enabled

» Play-to-Earn Fantasy Games (Coming Soon)

Any Card.

Any Time.

The platform is open to all trading cards NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, F1, UFC, and other trading card games like POKEMON.

Asset-Backed Ownership.

Every card on the platform is locked away in an industry-leading third-party vault where it is authenticated, certified, and insured.

The Best of Both Worlds.

Instant delivery and borderless access lets collectors access their collection instantly and buy, sell and trade their cards instantly all at a fractional price.